Sunday, September 12, 2010


Okay, so I'm gearing up for a day of shopping tomorrow.  Karissa's got a doctor appointment in Albany (a new pediatrician!), so that means we have to take advantage of our trip by getting in all the good shopping.  Since our new freezer was delivered on Saturday, we have lots of space to stock up on freezer goods at BJ's.  I am sort of wondering where my BJ's coupon booklet is.  Why isn't it here?  Hope I can pick one up in the store.  I've got a great Rite Aid trip planned too.


  1. My Rite Aid trip was fantastic! My husband thinks I'm crazy.

    I purchased: (regular price/Wellness Price)
    1 Snack size Nutter Butter (.79/.50)
    1 Snack size Oreo (.79/.50)
    2 Goldfish (4.38/3.00)
    1 Maybelline Blush (5.29/3.17)
    1 Crest 3D White (3.79/2.99)
    1 Reach ToothBrush (4.49/2.99)
    1 Crest with Scope (4.49/2.99)
    1 18 Count Playtex (5.29/4.00)
    2 Revlon Nail Color (9.50/7.10)

    Total "Value": $38.81

    My Wellness Savings: $12.07
    My Coupon Savings: $18 (I had coupons for everything except the Goldfish)
    My Out of Pocket Expense: $10.05
    My +Up Rewards: $10 (+Up Rewards are like gift cards you can use on your next shopping trip).
    My Rebate Check: $3 and possibly a $5 gift card.

    So, depending on how you look at it, I actually made 8 dollars on this trip. Of course my husband points out that I had to give up $10 out of my pocket first...

    And one last thought: I would NEVER have purchased such high quality nail polish without all my coupons and good deals, so it was kind of a like getting a manicure and a pedicure too. :)

    A Shout Out to HIP2Save (see my "Favorite Places to Visit") for getting me started on this couponing thing and for helping me to start to pamper myself a little.

  2. Well, I just added up my September receipts from Rite Aid. I'm missing my first one because I MAILED it in for a manufacturer's rebate. So I estimated on that one.

    Here are the stats:

    Total Merchandise $244.40
    Total Coupons -135.04
    Total InStore Sales -34.38
    Rebates: -44.98
    Remaining Wellness Coupons: $9

    FINAL OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE: $21.00 for $244.40 worth of merchandise. This is a savings of 92%. It would have been only $12 but I made a $9 mistake that I didn't notice until I got home. Oh well, these are the adventures of first time couponers--and seasoned ones as well. You can't kick yourself for these little things.

    How'd I do for my first month of couponing at Rite Aid?

    Yet another shout out to