Monday, September 13, 2010

A New Doctor

Well, we have a new doctor for Karissa.   Her name is Dr. Lemons.  How cool is that last name?  Here is a top ten list of what I liked about our visit:

1.  Use of technology (website, electronic records, electronic calendar--it is pretty close to being a paper free office)
2.  Very up to date/digital equipment (no more ancient scale!)

3.  The toys in her waiting area are CLEAN and in good shape
4.  Each of the exam rooms is decorated in a different motif...ours was safari themed
5.  Clean and entertaining toys in the exam room--Karissa fed the plastic hippo some cheerios while we waited.
6.  Dr. Lemons spoke to us in encouraging rather than demeaning ways
7.  She told us all about her practice and how we could get in touch with her in emergencies etc.
8.  She let us know what to expect between now and Karissa's 2nd Birthday
9.  We worked out a vaccination schedule to get Karissa back on track--our previous doctor used a different schedule
10.  Oh, and doctor Lemons goes to the Reformed Church in Delmar!!  How cool is it to have a doctor who knows about the Reformed Church?  (Okay, so in West Michigan that would not be unusual, but here it is big stuff).  Here is a little blurb about her 

Praising God for good health care providers!

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